Shore Support
Tel: (+1) 721 544 5009
Mob: (+1) 721 587 0007
From Gourmet Provisions to Crew Provisions and Fine Wines - we combine locally purchased products with flown in products.
Shore Support has been providing top quality provisions, wines and beverages to Chefs and Stewardesses for many years. We understand the importance of providing fresh goods at reasonable cost that most importantly will last the duration of the trip. Locally available fresh produce looks great on the shelves, but has taken many days to arrive and quickly spoils.

The traditional way of importing food in Polystyrene boxes with ice packs is inefficient, costly and an environmental hazard. We source our foods directly from farm suppliers in Europe and have pioneered a packaging technique that eliminates the need for extra weight and cooling and ensures the delivery of farm fresh items delivered to your vessel a few days after harvesting.
Our complete Wine List can be downloaded HERE