Shore Support
Tel: (+1) 721 544 5009
Mob: (+1) 721 587 0007
About Shore Support

Shore Support is the new kid on the block in St Maarten, having been formed by Simon Manley in late 2009. Simon is no stranger to the large yacht agency business, however, having been a partner in a fast growing ships agency until their acquisition/sale in the same year. Previous to that his work history includes 15 years as the Caribbean manager of the worlds biggest yacht charter company, managing 14 bases from La Paz, Mexico, to Canouan in the Grenadines.
John Sinke provides ships agent assistance and is charged with developing our Technical/Projects/Parts Sourcing division. John has a solid technical background in the yacht charter industry and once managed a boatyard and Yanmar dealership in Holland.

Their combined Caribbean experience and technical background is not the only advantage that sets Shore Support apart from our competition. We work in tenders and provide service where and when you need it - on your yacht no matter where you are. We believe that this makes all the difference to your experience and that of your guests, shaving hours off the time clearances and other deliveries take - and making sure that your guests manage to enjoy their cruise right up until they get back on their plane.